New Beginnings

Hi Friends. How has your summer been? Mine has been, as maybe yours has been, an oscillating combination of chaos and stillness. When the world shut down in early March, things were a whirlwind. I experienced a new kind a fatigue and exhaustion related to working online and juggling distance learning for my littles.

And then things slowed down a little bit. Eventually school was out and we exhaled. We organized and took walks outside. We tackled little home projects and then slightly larger ones. I joined the millions of new sourdough bakers around the world and ate my way through June.

The summer air came and brought time at the lake and the beach and just being outside. Blueberries and ice cream, and so many of the things that say “summer” to us didn’t change. Of course, there wasn’t travel or visiting family, but we found new ways to connect with friends.

It took me months to get to the point that I felt I was really ready to take on new work, to feel renewed. For anyone who has ever worked in the artistic industries – you know creativity can fuel you and drain you. In early August I was finally able to draw energy from that creative side again and decided it was time to give this site and my business in general a much needed update.

And so here we are! Launching a slightly new look and trying hard to make all of this work within our new normal.

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